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UGOS Location

Our Integrated Mobile and Web Platform
Working within the tourism and destination industry to provide a holistic and real time location based marketing solution, UGOS Mobile Application offers you the opportunity to showcase your product or service to consumers on the go.

Our systems notify your customers and target audience with what's going on in your world, and of any special developments associated with your brand. Do you have a festival, event or areas of interest coming up soon?

Maximise your "reach in relation to cost" by using UGOSAPP and Website. UGOS applies measureable goals to your campaign so you can see the results in real-time, including changing campaigns if they are not reaching the intended target audience.

Destination Awareness - "Get notified when within proximity"
UGOS systems use geo-location which means when your customer gets within a certain radius of your outlet, hotel or restaurant, UGOSAPP will beep notifying that customer of your offer/ service.

Furthermore, UGOSAPP works both Online and Offline. Whether you have internet or not, as long as you have saved your offer to your trip planner and was logged-in prior to losing signal, UGOSAPP will access the service and make your journey seamless.