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UGOS Corporate

Why Not Whitelabel UGOS?
Your very own Mobile Application without any development costs. Enjoy an already made mobile advertising platform with a campaign creation engine that is intuitive and dynamic to your needs. White-label UGOSAPP as your own brand and apply measureable goals to your campaign to see results in real-time. Or simply plug-in your own App to allow for location based messaging.

Our corporate approach involves the following steps:

Step 1: Strategic Business and Market Analysis
Strategic analysis of your business, environment and markets you operate in. Take a holistic view of your business and goals to create a foundation on which to develop strategies.

Step 2: Consumer-Buyer Behaviour Analysis
Analysis and understanding of your customer's behaviour, including their interaction drivers and the type of interaction they're most likely to use. Create demographics against which mobile marketing strategy, e-marketing, and offline strategies can be developed and implemented.

Step 3: Define Mobile and Web Strategy
Define objectives for your mobile and web channel strategy, and deliver recommendations which are then developed and refined to help create a robust marketing campaign plan.

Step 4: Enable Mobile and Web Marketing Channel
Create an environment to integrate the infrastructure through which you can develop, deliver and analyse your mobile marketing campaigns.

Step 5: Engage Mobile and Web Marketing Channel
Maximize your mobile marketing potential with tailored activities. We also implement a full training plan as knowledge transfer to the team that would manage the selected mobile strategies in the long- run