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About us

UGOS is a Digital Marketing and Location-based Destination Marketing Agency situated in United Kingdom. The brand 'UGOS' was founded by a team of Chartered Marketing Professionals and Big Data Insight Experts.

With budgets under constant scrutiny, and the pressure to deliver from a sales and marketing perspective, the founders of UGOS developed a new mobile App, Web Interface and Big Data product that would give businesses an opportunity to go further than a one-time sale associated with vouchers.

UGOS offers the client a chance to maintain a relationship with their new customer beyond the one-time sale.

UGOS provides customers and their consumers with a free junction from where they are able to better plan their trips – nights out, shopping, activities, offers, and discover more than they would without the use of technology

'We want to give our clients and users the power to showcase, discover, share and make destinations more accessible, open and connected'.